Attorney Matthews Bark | “Drug defense lawyers will be needed to help get suspects off the hook”

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By               :   Brian Zeiger
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Philadelphia drug defense lawyers are going to be in high demand after a bust this weekend in the northern part of the city. News sources like CBS Philly claim that authorities found 10 guns and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs. The incident occurred on Thursday, April 18. Toward the end of March, investigators had grown somewhat suspicious of two residences on North 7th Street.
Sanford drug defense attorney
“Due to the violence in that area and drug trafficking in the area, it got us to where we wanted to be,” stated a Philadelphia police department captain, according to the news outlet.

The officer said that five males and one females –  and weapons including an AK-47 – were removed from the houses.

”We can sit here and speculate, but you can see by the firepower here we’ve probably prevented several people from being victims of violent crime,” he told journalists on April 19.

Some of the drugs that were recovered included more than 530 grams of marijuana, which was valued at approximately $5,340, two Xanax pills that were thought to be worth around $20 and more than 5 grams of crack cocaine, which would cost an individual about $520.

The defendants were arraigned at an undisclosed date and were charged with conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance, manufacture, delivery or possession of narcotics with the intent to manufacture or deliver and possession of an instrument of crime.

Because the six individuals were unable to pay 10 percent of their bail, which was set at $10,000 each, they were held in jail.

If you have been accused of the crimes above, make sure you hire experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers. The locally based professionals at Levin and Zeiger Law Firm can assess your claim and defend you in a court of law.


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