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If you and your spouse are currently going through a divorce, it is obviously a difficult time, with no easy resolution. How to divide possessions, who holds what aspects of the estate, and, most importantly, what happen to your children are questions that almost beg to not be answered. Anger, betrayal, hurt, depression are all common feelings, and they don’t make rational, healthy decisions easy to come by. For all of these reasons, hiring a family law attorney is likely to be in your best interest; to help you navigate the unruly waters of divorce proceedings, and to find the most fair, most healthy agreement to facilitate a strong, happy future for your family. These are a few things to consider when finding a family law attorney in Milkwaukee, or in your hometown.
Finding a Lawyer

The easiest and best way to find a lawyer specializing in family is by recommendation. Divorce is common enough that you probably know a friend or relative who has already been through one, and they should be able to provide you with a good, word-of-mouth recommendation. Failing that, the American Bar Association and both provide online listings of attorneys in all areas of the United States, and what kind of law they practice. But when using a more anonymous method, one not based on the recommendation of someone you trust, don’t hesitate to talk to and meet with as many lawyers as possible to determine the best possible fit. This, after all, is the future of you and your family; it should only be left in the hands of a person worthy of its possession.


While anger and thoughts of revenge are common when faced with divorce, it unfortunately is never really the case that “justice” is served, no matter how deserving your partner is of it. Usually, when an intense fight for custody or possessions occurs and is left up to the judge, everyone suffers, and children most of all. This is why finding a lawyer who has a good track-record in successful mediation is a good idea. In fact, in certain states, judges will force separating partners to try mediation first, before even having the option of moving to the court room phase. While it can be frustrating to feel like you aren’t getting proper repayment for the damage or hurt you feel, the best option, for everyone, is an amiable, equitable parting.


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