Matthews Bark | ” 3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Criminal Defense Lawyer”

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By                 :   Donna V. Pledge
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When you are charged with a criminal offense, your criminal defense lawyer is the only person who can keep you out of jail. If you are innocent, she can have your case dismissed or get you an acquittal. If you do have to take your case to trial, then a good criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a reduced sentence for you. But she cannot do it without your help.  You must do everything possible to help her win the case.
Criminal Defense Attorney
There are several ways you can help your lawyer with your case. Here are a few things you can do to help your lawyer:

1.    Don’t talk to the police without your lawyer: When you are arrested, the first thing the police want to do is get a confession from you. So, do not talk or admit guilt without your lawyer. It is within your rights to request counsel from your lawyer.
2.    Do not talk to anyone apart from your lawyer: During the lawsuit and even after incarceration, do not talk to anyone who is not your lawyer regarding the case or about anything that is related to it. The term ‘no one’ includes your wife, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. Whatever you say to them, even accidentally, may be repeated in the court of law against you. The only person you should talk to is your lawyer because whatever you tell her is confidential.
3.   Tell your lawyer the whole truth: Telling the complete truth about your situation is essential so your criminal defense lawyer can defend you in the best way possible. Anything you tell your lawyer will not be used against you in the court without your permission. And she will repeat it only in your defense. But this is not the only reason you should tell your lawyer the whole truth. She needs to know every detail so that she can build a good and credible defense. If she is kept in the dark, she won’t have the confidence to fight your case.
Too often, clients fail to help their lawyer for one reason or another and then blame the lawyer when they are convicted. Remember, your lawyer is your representative and she is fighting for a successful outcome. Therefore, you should help her in whatever way you can. Donna V. Pledge is one of the best criminal lawyers in Toronto. Trust us to work hard and offer the best possible defense in Ontario.

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