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Look for a criminal defense attorney that devotes a majority of their practice to the area of defense that you’re looking for.

Whether you are seeking an attorney that specializes in DUIs, violent crime defense, or any other criminal defense specialty, make sure that the attorney you select to represent you is familiar with the area of law that you need defense in.

Criminal Defense Attorney
Determine what qualities are important to you when selecting a criminal defense attorney.

Determining what qualities are most important to you will allow you to select the best criminal defense attorney for your case. Is there any expert knowledge required? Is experience the most important factor in selecting an attorney for you? Whatever your preference may be, select an attorney that reflects these preferences.

Find out if the criminal defense attorney you may potentially retain has earned a Martindale-Hubbell rating.

The Martindale-Hubbell rating system reserves its highest rating, “AV”, for attorneys with the highest ability and ethics ratings based upon the opinions of other judges and attorneys who have interacted with them.

Inquire about whether the criminal defense attorney you may potentially retain has ever taught at a law school, CLE program or published a legal article.

This is an excellent way to determine both the attorney’s standing in the legal community and the level of field work, research and investigation they have invested into continued legal knowledge.

Finally, discuss the facts of your case with your potential criminal defense attorney and find out how they would proceed, if retained.

This part of the interviewing process will allow the potential criminal defense attorney to demonstrate the advantages of retaining a criminal defense attorney familiar with your area of criminal defense. At this time, it may be beneficial to ask questions about which attorneys will be working on your matter and their level of experience.

Attorney Michael Cardoza is founder of the Cardoza Law Offices and practices in Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding Bay Area cities—as well as other regions in California. The Cardoza Law Offices specializes in criminal defense including sexual offenses, white collar crimes, murder and homicide, DUI defense, federal criminal defense, assault and violent crimes, mortgage fraud, internet crimes, Federal criminal defense, drug crimes, and death penalty cases; civil and business litigation including civil rights law, construction law, real estate law, employment law, contract disputes, business litigation and commercial real estate;; and personal injury, including wrongful death, severe personal injury, automobile accidents, dog mauling incidents and animal attacks.

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