Matthews Bark|”New Connecticut drug offenses charged after arrest warrant”

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If a person is arrested for running a marijuana growing operation he or she should not continue the enterprise and give the authorities the proof needed to add substantial new charges. If police accounts are accurate, that may be what a 38-year-old Lisbon man has done. Connecticut State police went to the man’s residence to serve him with an arrest warrant on previously charged drug offenses. They say in a press release that while they were doing that, they observed evidence that he was again growing marijuana.

The officers then contacted the Statewide Narcotics Task Force for assistance and a search warrant was obtained and served, according to the police press release. On the new search, they claim to have seized 11 marijuana plants, about a pound of packaged marijuana, several grams of hashish, various narcotics pills and drug paraphernalia, along with cultivation and packaging material. Police reported that the investigation continues into this matter.

They also confirmed that new charges are pending. The accused is now being held on $100,000 bail on the charges from the original warrant. The prior charges are: two counts of manufacture, distribution or sale of narcotics; two counts of sale of narcotics; two counts of possession of narcotics; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The law in Connecticut and all other states regarding drug offenses allows the police to search and arrest when they observe contraband in plain sight. In this case, the police went and got a search warrant, which was the safer policy. Whether the accused has any defenses to the charges will depend to some extent on the details of the first search and admissible evidence that they intend to use. In this case, counsel must make a thorough investigation of all of the facts to provide an evaluation. If no weaknesses in the prosecution’s case are found, a plea bargain, along with cooperation, will possibly be the best working strategy.


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