Matthews Bark|”Drug testing of students spreads through Tennessee”

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By                 :  Tennessean
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drugs defence attorney
Drugs Defence Attorney

When parents send their kids off to school, their biggest worry might be that their kids might come home with a bad grade. Maybe a student will get into a fight with another student. They probably don’t expect that their kids will be targets of drug investigations.

The Tennessean shares a report on drug testing policies throughout school districts in the state. It reports, “Tennessee has allowed drug testing of students in some form since the passage of the School Security Act of 1981…” Parents should know the policy in their kids’ schools and understand the rights that are in place to protect a juvenile’s rights and privacy.

Basics of Tennessee school drug testing policies:

Students can become subjects of drug testing if the school has probable cause to suspect drug use or possession. (The school owns students’ lockers and, therefore, can legally search them.)

School athletes can be tested without the above-mentioned reasonable cause. This has been confirmed by high court decisions. Consequences of positive tests vary from district to district.

Every school district is supposed to have its drug testing policies formally set. Parents should know and understand the policies, and if their kids are in school sports or other activities, parents should have to consent to any practice of random drug testing.

Though The Tennessean doesn’t mention criminal action in regards to the drug testing in state high schools, parents can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting the futures of their teenagers from drug charges. If there is ever any worry that one’s child has been unethically targeted for drug tests or treated unfairly, a criminal defense lawyer would be a valuable source of support.


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