Matthews Bark|”How A Criminal Defense Attorney Differs from A Civil Defense Attorney”

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Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is incredibly important for navigating the court system. Many find themselves completely lost as to how to move forward when charged with a crime. Whether clients feel they are guilty of these crimes or not, a criminal defense lawyer can help them challenge law enforcement’s claim to probable cause, argue for a release on reduced bail, negotiate plea bargains, aid in expunging a criminal record and help clients understand the pros and cons of pleading guilty.

In order to decide what type of lawyer you need, it’s important to know the difference between Criminal Law and Civil Law. According to William Geldart, author of the book Introduction to English Law 146, the difference between Criminal Law and Civil Law can be defined by their separate objectives. ” The object of civil law,” he claims, “is the redress of wrongs by compelling compensation or restitution: the wrongdoer is not punished; he only suffers so much harm as is necessary to make good the wrong he has done. The person who has suffered gets a definite benefit from the law, or at least he avoids a loss.”

Criminal Law, on the other hand, has a completely different purpose in the courtroom according to Geldart. He says, “the main object of criminal law is to punish the wrongdoer; to give him and others a strong inducement not to commit same or similar crimes, to reform him if possible and perhaps to satisfy the public sense that wrongdoing ought to meet with retribution.” Readers of this information can clearly see how vital legal council can be in this sort of situation. While Civil Law is more of a collaborative effort addressing loss prevention for the prosecutor, criminal law is a direct and ruthless attack on the defendant accused.

So how can a criminal defense lawyer best help their clients? A good criminal defense lawyer will focus a considerable amount of effort into collecting facts on the case from both the client and investigators. Proper research on any case is the foundation and absolutely essential for a decent trial. The main focus of criminal defense is maintain doubt of guilt, and secondly to reduce the blow of punishment by the court.

Locating testimonials on a lawyer offers the best chance of finding someone who can strongly argue your case for you. It is often best to find reviews made on a third party website such as Yelp, because any claims published on the lawyer’s own website will likely not include any disappointed clients. A great criminal defense attorney will stand by their client no matter what and fight for the best resolution possible on behalf of the client.


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