Matthews Bark|”DUI Lawyer Fort Offers Multi-Media Information Platform with the Launch of Their New DUI Video Resource Center”

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DUI Attorney
DUI Attorney

The trusted website of announced the addition of their video center to provide visitors with additional resources about DUI arrest. Along with editorial content and attorney referrals, the short video clips deliver quick information regarding alcohol-related offenses. The new video center at DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale delivers pertinent information regarding Florida DUI laws and the consequences of drinking and driving. Anyone who is arrested in Broward County ought to spend time understanding the charges against them and seek out help from the best DUI attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. Along with presenting DUI information and lawyer referrals to residents, the website also focuses on helping those who are visiting Ft. Lauderdale. A DUI arrest can be a stressful event on its own, but being in unfamiliar territory can make it more difficult. can lessen the angst associated with arranging bond, locating a reputable law firm, and defending DUI charges. Those who take time learning about the consequences and finding the best attorney for their case can improve their chances of having charges reduced or dismissed. In the Sunshine State, people can be arrested for DUI or public intoxication if their blood alcohol content (BAC) meets or exceeds 0.08 percent. At the time of arrest, law enforcement officers confiscate the driver’s state-issued license. In order to have driving privileges reinstated, defendants must file a request for a special hearing. The request has to be submitted within 10 days of the arrest. The best approach is to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. A trusted source for finding attorney referrals is the Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney website. While a large percentage of DUI arrests are legitimate, there are times when people are wrongfully charged with being under the influence while operating a vehicle. This can stem from faulty testing equipment, improper field sobriety testing, and lack of probable cause. Any time a person is falsely charged with this criminal offense they must seek help from experienced defense attorneys. The newly added videos at DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale also address the penalties of underage drinking and possession of alcohol. The Sunshine State has a strict zero tolerance policy and the consequences can haunt minors for a long time.

Not only can minors be arrested for consuming alcohol, they can also face penalties for possessing it. At minimum, defendants could lose their driver’s license for a year. Worse yet, they could be incarcerated for up to two months or longer if other circumstances are involved. Visitors of the website can locate referrals to the best DUI lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and obtain valuable insights to defending drunk driving, public intoxication, or underage drinking charges. provides essential information and resources to individuals charged with the offense of driving under the influence, possession of alcohol by minors, and public intoxication. The video and article resource center provides tips and strategies for defending DUI charges and how to locate the best DUI attorneys in Fort Lauderdale.

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