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DUI Attorney
DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney is now offering informative videos to help individuals who have been arrested for drinking and driving. Defendants must become proactive in acquiring legal help and obtaining information about the criminal charges against them. The DUI videos provided at DUI Attorney Tampa deliver important information about Florida DUI laws and the consequences associated with arrest. Visitors to the website can obtain helpful tips, legal advice, and referrals to the best DUI lawyers in Tampa. Individuals facing drunk driving charges or public intoxication ought to become knowledgeable about their legal rights and locate an experienced attorney. is a reliable source for acquiring information and referrals to attorneys in Hillsborough County Florida. In addition to providing helpful resources to local residents, the DUI videos are also aimed at helping people who are visiting Tampa. Being charged with a drunk driving offense is never a positive experience. It can be exceptionally unnerving when visiting a strange location.

In the state of Florida, individuals can be charged with DUI or public intoxication if their blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher. Many people fail to realize this level can be reached by consuming as few as two beers. Individuals who are charged with DUI offenses should retain services from Tampa DUI lawyers as soon as possible. Driving privileges are automatically revoked until defendants attend a court hearing. In order to get privileges temporarily restored, defendants must request the special hearing within 10 days from the date of their arrest. People can access the Tampa DUI Lawyer website any time of the day or night. Visitors will find helpful videos and articles regarding Florida DUI laws, consequences of conviction, public intoxication, underage drinking, and wrongful arrest. Most people are unaware that a high percentage of people are wrongly arrested for drunk driving. It is believed that 1 out of 4 people charged with DUI aren’t intoxicated at all. Instead, officers conduct improper sobriety tests or chemical testing equipment fails.

Individuals who are wrongly arrested need to seek out the best DUI attorneys in Tampa. It’s helpful to retain services from law firms experienced in defending this type of case. Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations and brings in thousands of college students during spring break. Each year, hundreds of people are charged with underage drinking and possession of alcohol. Minors need to be aware that the Sunshine State has zero-tolerance for underage drinking. Furthermore, minors can be charged with possession even if they are not consuming alcohol. Both offenses are punishable with suspension of driving privileges and will cause defendants to incur hefty fines and legal fees. Conviction of drinking and driving could result in up to 60 days incarceration or longer if extenuating circumstances are involved. The new videos offered at the DUI Attorney Tampa website showcase important facts about Florida DUI laws and the various types of DUI offenses and punishments. The primary objective is to help people have a better understanding of what they are facing and locate attorneys who can help them through legal proceedings. presents the facts people need to get started in defending their DUI case. The informational videos and content can reduce the stress associated with this type of criminal charge and provides referrals to the best DUI lawyers in Tampa.

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