Orlando Drug Defense Attorney | “JP Morgan Chief Announces Shake-Up And Warns Of Further ‘Legal Issues'”

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Drug Defense Attorney
Drug Defense Attorney

JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon has announced a shake-up of the bank as he warned of further “regulatory issues” in the near future.  In a memo to employees, Mr Dimon wrote he is devoting “unprecedented” resources to improve its businesses and the legal training of staff.“Never before have we focused so much time, effort, brainpower, technological power and money on a single, enterprise-wide objective,” the boss of America’s largest bank wrote. “Make no mistake – we are going to get this right.”

It comes as JP Morgan faces a bill of at least $750m (£471m) to settle US and UK investigations into the $6bn “London Whale” trading loss. That agreement could be announced as soon as today. The Wall Street giant is also the subject of a US Department of Justice probe into the alleged manipulation of energy markets.On Tuesday, Mr Dimon warned staff that there would be further legal problems to come. “Unfortunately, we are all well aware of the news around the legal and regulatory issues facing our company, and in the coming weeks and months we need to be braced for more to come,” he wrote.

JP Morgan has hired 3,000 extra staff to its control groups, which include the bank’s risk, compliance and legal operations, and increased spending in this area to $1bn. Around 500 workers have been assigned to complete the Federal Reserve’s “stress tests”.Businesses not considered “core” are also being earmarked for sale as part of the shake-up. The lender is “conducting an in-depth review of our foreign correspondent banking business”, which has come under fire from US regulators for its anti-money-laundering procedures.

“We are also proactively trying to decrease the number of vendors we have, which reduces complexity in our business and creates more jobs internally,” the memo read.

Source : telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10316080/JP-Morgan-chief-announces-shake-up-and-warns-of-further-legal-issues.html

Attorney Matthews R Bark | “Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced Attorney”

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The benefits of hiring an experienced attorney are many. In fact, having a knowledgeable law practitioner on your side in times of crisis or whenever the need for legal assistance arises can make the difference between success and failure. The law is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving. Moreover, legal landscapes inhere many nuances and technicalities that may escape the notice of most laypeople. Nonetheless, such nuances and technicalities have major implications for any type of law-related scenario and lack of attention to such seemingly “trivial” details can have devastating consequences.

For instance, failure to file a required court pleading on the proper size paper or in the proper format can totally nullify its legal effectiveness and result in a court’s outright rejection of it without even considering its substantive merits. Quite often, there is no second chance to refile such defective filings. This could easily cause a meritorious claim to be summarily dismissed, or a judicial ruling to be issued based solely on your opponent’s arguments on a particular issue in a lawsuit. Moreover, experienced lawyers have developed a keen sense of whether or not formal litigation is even required or appropriate in a given situation. Many times, the probable level of monetary relief does not justify the filing fees and other associated costs of full adversarial court proceedings. Even in matters where potential damage awards do make such expenses worthwhile in the end, an experienced attorney can help a claimant obtain the most cost-effective outcome possible by expert negotiation skills.

Negotiations with insurance adjusters are a prime example of such cases. In most instances, insurance carriers are notorious for trying to undercut lay damage claimants who approach them without the assistance of a practicing personal injury lawyer. This is because adjusters represent their employers — the insurance carriers. Thus, it is in their employer’s best interests to settle damage claims for as little as possible and as quickly as possible, to minimize their economic exposure in each case. The unfortunate aspect of this practice for damage claimants, however, is that they do not receive a fair amount of monetary reimbursement for the physical injuries, property damage, or other losses that they sustained due to the negligence of a third party. Many people in such circumstances are reluctant to retain the services of an experienced personal injury law firm because such firms typically require one-third of any total recovery that is ultimately obtained as payment for legal services rendered.

Nonetheless, studies consistently reveal that claimants who do engage a qualified personal injury attorney recover far more than the insurance company’s original offer — even after deduction of the lawyer’s one-third contingency fee. This is due to a number of factors. Firstly, the best personal injury attorneys have usually already established professional reputations within the insurance industry. Thus, insurance adjusters are aware that they will fight zealously on behalf of their injured clients by going all the way to trial if necessary. Insurers naturally seek to avoid this, as such formal legal proceedings cost them large amounts in legal defense fees, expert witnesses, bad publicity, etc.Read more: bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-12/twitter-says-it-files-confidential-ipo-registration-with-u-s-.html

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Attorney Matthews Bark | “Senators Examine Federal Marijuana Laws As States’ Rules Evolve “

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Attorney Matthews Bark
Attorney Matthews Bark

WASHINGTON — In the first congressional hearing on marijuana laws since voters in Colorado and Washington state legalized pot for recreational use in November, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) called for a “smarter approach” to marijuana policy and addressed federal laws that he said impeded effective regulation of the drug in states where it was legal.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing followed a Justice Department memo in late August that said the U.S. would not challenge state laws permitting marijuana and that it would focus enforcement on eight priorities, which include preventing its distribution to minors and keeping revenue away from criminal enterprises.

Although marijuana is illegal under federal law, 20 states, including California, and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use.John Urquhart, the sheriff of King County, Wash., called on the government to allow banks to open accounts for marijuana businesses, which are currently prohibited under a federal law. Cash-only businesses are targets for robberies, he said, and are difficult to audit.

Deputy Atty. Gen. James Cole said the federal government was looking at ways to address the banking issue within existing laws.Urquhart told the committee that in 37 years as a police officer, “my experience shows the war on drugs has been a failure.””We have not significantly reduced demand over time,” he said, “but we have incarcerated generations of individuals, the highest incarceration rate in the world.”

Urquhart said that states and the federal government had shared goals regarding marijuana regulation.”We all agree we don’t want our children using marijuana,” he said. “We all agree we don’t want impaired drivers. We all agree we don’t want to continue enriching criminals. Washington’s law honors those values by separating consumers from gangs, and diverting the proceeds from the sale of marijuana toward furthering the goals of public safety.”

Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the committee’s ranking Republican, raised concerns about the transport of marijuana across state lines, to states like Iowa that have not legalized it. He also cited findings from audits that found problems in Colorado’s medical marijuana program, even before the state legalized recreational use.”Why has the department decided to trust Colorado to effectively regulate recreational marijuana when it is already struggling to regulate medical marijuana?” he asked.

Cole said the federal government aimed to “trust but verify” that states legalizing marijuana create “robust” regulations to address public safety concerns and comply with federal guidelines.”We’re trying to find the best of the imperfect solutions that are before us,” Cole said.

Read more – latimes.com/nation/la-na-senate-marijuana-20130911,0,4973827.story

Attorney Matthews Bark | “Labyrinthine Legal Services Regulation ‘Needs To Be Streamlined'”

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Attorney Matthews Bark
Attorney Matthews Bark

No one supports pointless regulations. If regulations exist, there should be a good reason for them, a reason that applies not only to the time of their adoption, but to present circumstances. Regulations that require unnecessary protections or no longer apply do not serve the common good and can become impediments to commerce. This is the sensible premise on which House Bill 74 signed into law last week by Gov. Pat McCrory purports to rest. Its title says as much: “An act to improve and streamline the regulatory process in order to stimulate job creation [and] to eliminate unnecessary regulation.” On signing the bill, the governor repeated the sentiment, saying, “This common sense legislation cuts government red tape, axes overly burdensome regulations and puts job creation first here in North Carolina.” Sounds logical and harmless. Except the bill is not what its title and the governor claim it is. It is illogical and dangerous. It is concessions to developers and polluters crammed into a massive bill that was rushed through the legislature in the crush of closing business.

This bill will “streamline” regulatory process with a sledgehammer and blowtorch. The thousands of regulations state agencies have adopted based on laws passed by the General Assembly must each be evaluated and given one of three labels: necessary but controversial, necessary and not controversial, or unnecessary. If regulators can’t complete the review within a certain timetable, the rules or regulations will simply expire. This review is being fast-tracked for rules and regulations relating to water quality. They must be reviewed within a year or they could expire. The task of doing that accelerated and exhaustive review is being handed to divisions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in which consolidations and likely layoffs are imminent.

So it is that state rules and regulations on water quality that emerged from a deliberative process, presumably in response to real concerns, may soon be discarded with a cavalier “time’s up.” “This bill is so sweeping and it doesn’t have any safeguards. If you haven’t readopted them in a year, they’re not going to exist anymore,” said Jane Preyer, director of the Southeast Office of the Environmental Defense Fund.

This is what the governor calls “common sense?” This is uncommon recklessness. Regulatory agencies will not be able to carry out their missions if they are engaged in a lengthy review of every regulation and the effort of having them readopted. The cynical may say distracting agencies and taking the teeth out of them is the hidden intent of this new law. But even if we accept the claim of the new law’s Republican backers that it isn’t intended to weaken regulators, but streamline regulation to spur more business, it’s hard to see the connection. North Carolina has a good business climate in large part because it has effective environmental laws and regulations. The beauty of the state and the consistency of the laws that protect it are what have attracted businesses, newcomers, students and tourists. The wholesale stripping away of regulations in a misguided effort to liberate business from limits on pollution and excessive development hardly seems like a formula for making North Carolina more appealing.This law – rather than a host of water quality regulations – is the one that should be eliminated. Unfortunately, the state may have to endure a period of anarchy in environmental regulation and lasting damage to the environment until new lawmakers can be elected who understand the meaning of common sense and the common good.

Read more – newsobserver.com/2013/08/28/3144969/a-reckless-law-on-nc-regulations.html#storylink=cpy

Matthews Bark | “Donald P. Schweitzer, Pasadena Family Law Attorney, Recently Elected to New Position on the Pasadena Bar Association”

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Orlando family law attorney- Matthews Bark
Orlando family law attorney- Matthews Bark

Certified Family Law Attorney, Donald P. Schweitzer has been elected to serve as the 2011 Vice President and Program Chair of the Pasadena Bar Association. Mr. Schweitzer will begin his position, January 2011. Mr. Schweitzer will be responsible for planning and organizing all of the PBA’s general meetings, assisting with the Section Chairs, and special meetings that take place within the year. Mr. Schweitzer will also serve by assisting the incoming President of the association with the implementation of benefits to members of the PBA.

Mr. Schweitzer was elected to this position by board members and past and present presidents whom select people they think would make meaningful contributions towards the Pasadena Bar Association. According to Mr. Schweitzer, “I have chosen to accept the position, because I thoroughly enjoy doing volunteer work and have come to enjoy the meetings and association that I’ve made after becoming a member”

In addition, Mr. Schweitzer will also be responsible for obtaining money for the association through sponsorships and will be organizing a Pasadena-based High School Speech Scholarship Tournament where the PBA will award the top two finalists with significant scholarships. “I expect the speech and debate tournament will be extremely meaningful to the competitors and our members, said Schweitzer, while reflecting on the 2011 calendar.

Schweitzer further added, “One of my primary goals while serving as Vice President is to provide meaningful benefits to our members as well as serving the community.” Mr. Schweitzer is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 15 years of trial experience. Prior to going into private practice, Mr. Schweitzer served as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County for 8 years. Mr. Schweitzer worked in numerous units within the District Attorney’s office including, Writs and Appeals, Family Support, Municipal Court, Felony Panel, Gang Target, Felony Filing, and the Sexual Assault Unit. H e is a member of the American Bar Association, the California State Bar, Los Angeles Bar Association, and the Pasadena Bar Association.

Site :  sandpointpr.com/2013-08/donald-p-schweitzer-pasadena-family-law-attorney-recently-elected-to-new-position-on-the-pasadena-bar-association.html

Matthews Bark | “Orange County family fights to save beagle that bit child “

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Matthews Bark-Orange County
Matthews Bark-Orange County

A Central Florida family is using a Facebook support page to fight to save their 1-year-old beagle, which bit their 4-year-old child, after learning the dog is going to be put down.  The 25-pound dog, named Rufus, was turned over to Orange County Animal Services after biting the family’s 4-year-old in the lip.

Rufus’ owner, Nikki West, said she was giving him wet dog food, a special treat for his birthday, when 4-year-old Chazz ran into the kitchen.
“He was so excited about his treat.  He was on my legs, he was excited, and Chazz came running around the corner excited to show me his new haircut, and it happened that fast,” West said.  West said she rushed Chazz to Arnold Palmer Hospital and was told to fill out some paperwork, a standard procedure for dog bites. She said later that night, at around 10:30 p.m., Animal Services came to her door with more paperwork to take Rufus for a 10-day evaluation.

“I would have never have thought that this would have happened when I signed those papers,” West said. If Rufus didn’t show signs of aggression he would be adopted, West said. When she called to check on Rufus she says she was told the bite was too serious and that Rufus would be euthanized.

“He’s scared.  He’s just a scared little puppy in there,” she said. Diane Summers of Orange County Animal Services says West should not have been told by an animal services officer that Rufus may be adopted. Summers said the papers West signed clearly explained that euthanization was the next step once she signed the beagle over after the biting incident.

According to state law and county ordinances any dog who bites another person or animal and causes a severe injury must be confiscated and euthanized. Summers said West has until May 1 to petition for an appeal. Then a judge would decide if the dog is killed or can be returned.  Lawyer Jamie Halscott is representing West and filed a temporary injunction on Tuesday to make sure animal services would not proceed with the euthanization before West can appeal.

“This isn’t a case of a dangerous dog that got loose and hurt someone, it’s a family pet and an incident that happened inside the family,” said Halscott.  Summers says there are no plans to kill the dog before the timeline to appeal expires. West has now turned to Facebook and started the “Save Rufus” page to raise awareness. In addition to the Save Rufus Facebook page, animal lovers from across the country have started a petition on Change.org and a fund to help fight for Rufus.  Rufus will be kept in the dog isolation area until May 1, when the county will move forward with plans to euthanize him.

Source : Clickorlando.com/news/Orange-County-family-fights-to-save-beagle-that-bit-child/-/1637132/19854550/-/49s7rf/-/index.html