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The benefits of hiring an experienced attorney are many. In fact, having a knowledgeable law practitioner on your side in times of crisis or whenever the need for legal assistance arises can make the difference between success and failure. The law is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving. Moreover, legal landscapes inhere many nuances and technicalities that may escape the notice of most laypeople. Nonetheless, such nuances and technicalities have major implications for any type of law-related scenario and lack of attention to such seemingly “trivial” details can have devastating consequences.

For instance, failure to file a required court pleading on the proper size paper or in the proper format can totally nullify its legal effectiveness and result in a court’s outright rejection of it without even considering its substantive merits. Quite often, there is no second chance to refile such defective filings. This could easily cause a meritorious claim to be summarily dismissed, or a judicial ruling to be issued based solely on your opponent’s arguments on a particular issue in a lawsuit. Moreover, experienced lawyers have developed a keen sense of whether or not formal litigation is even required or appropriate in a given situation. Many times, the probable level of monetary relief does not justify the filing fees and other associated costs of full adversarial court proceedings. Even in matters where potential damage awards do make such expenses worthwhile in the end, an experienced attorney can help a claimant obtain the most cost-effective outcome possible by expert negotiation skills.

Negotiations with insurance adjusters are a prime example of such cases. In most instances, insurance carriers are notorious for trying to undercut lay damage claimants who approach them without the assistance of a practicing personal injury lawyer. This is because adjusters represent their employers — the insurance carriers. Thus, it is in their employer’s best interests to settle damage claims for as little as possible and as quickly as possible, to minimize their economic exposure in each case. The unfortunate aspect of this practice for damage claimants, however, is that they do not receive a fair amount of monetary reimbursement for the physical injuries, property damage, or other losses that they sustained due to the negligence of a third party. Many people in such circumstances are reluctant to retain the services of an experienced personal injury law firm because such firms typically require one-third of any total recovery that is ultimately obtained as payment for legal services rendered.

Nonetheless, studies consistently reveal that claimants who do engage a qualified personal injury attorney recover far more than the insurance company’s original offer — even after deduction of the lawyer’s one-third contingency fee. This is due to a number of factors. Firstly, the best personal injury attorneys have usually already established professional reputations within the insurance industry. Thus, insurance adjusters are aware that they will fight zealously on behalf of their injured clients by going all the way to trial if necessary. Insurers naturally seek to avoid this, as such formal legal proceedings cost them large amounts in legal defense fees, expert witnesses, bad publicity, etc.Read more:

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