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DUI Attorneys
DUI Attorneys


DUI or driving under the influence is an exceedingly common crime in the United States.  As would be expected, it refers to driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  Each state has a blood alcohol limit.  This refers to the maximum percent of alcohol allowed in the bloodstream of a driver.  If someone is caught driving with a blood alcohol level higher than what is legally allowed, they can be arrested for DUI.  If it is a first offense, it is considered a misdemeanor.  In extreme cases in which someone has been charged with multiple DUIs in the past, they can be charged with a felony.  This is obviously more severe.  If you are being charged with a DUI, you will need to contact a DUI attorney.

DUI is illegal in every state, but the exact blood alcohol limit varies state by state.  In some states it is as low as .04 percent.  In others, it is as high as .08 percent.  Many people in the United States seek a stricter blood alcohol limit.  In many other countries, the legal limit is much more restrictive.  Similarly, the penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol are often more severe in many other countries.  The legal limit in Colorado is .04 percent.  This is probably fair, given the numerous winding mountain roads.  Each year thousands of people in the United States are killed as a result of alcohol related accidents.  Thousands more are arrested for DUI.  Once arrested, there is little other choice than to hire a qualified DUI attorney.


Matthews Bark | “How a Good DUI Lawyer Can Increase Your Chances to Win the Case”

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If you are charged with DUI, the best thing you can do is to hire a good DUI lawyer. It is your most viable option to win the case, or at least to limit the proportion of your losses.
DUI Defense Attorney
DUI is a serious crime for which you risk to pay huge fines, to have your driving license suspended, to do community service, or even to be imprisoned, especially if this isn’t your first DUI accusation.

A good lawyer will know how to get the best out of your case, even in the worst case scenario. For instance, he\she can call expert witnesses to testify for you in front of the court. These people are professionals (doctors, psychologists, policemen) who have witnessed similar cases.

Their testimony, based on their previous experience, may clear some aspects of the case, helping the judge and the jury to form a more accurate impression on your case’s particular circumstances.

An experienced lawyer will know how to deal with common, non expert witnesses as well. During the interrogation in court, the defense attorney can use different approaches for each of these witnesses, to ensure that their testimony decisively contributes to a verdict in your favor.

Matthews Bark | “Supreme Court rule can affect Minneapolis child custody disputes”

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It is a good thing when children are loved but not such a great thing when that love results in a child custody dispute that lasts several years. Torn between two families that love her, a young toddler has spent half her life with her Caucasian adoptive parents and half her life with her Native American biological father while a final judgment looms over the families regarding final custody.
Supreme Court
The controversy began when the biological father, a member of the Cherokee Nation, made a regrettable decision before the child was born to abandon both child and mother. The biological mother later began adoption proceedings and the child was placed with an adoptive family. However, after learning that his child was put up for adoption, the biological father changed his mind and fought to gain custody of his child.

The father’s main legal argument was that the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, which precluded the separation of Native American children from their biological parents, entitled him to custody. Although the local court had applied the Act and granted custody to the father, the Supreme Court ruled that the Act did not apply because the father had abandoned the child. The case was remanded back to the local courts for a determination of custody outside of the Act.

In Minnesota, when a local court determines a child custody dispute, several factors are considered in making that decision. The overriding standard for a child custody determination is “the best interest of the child” and all factors are examined with this standard in mind. Some of those factors may include the parents’ wishes, the child’s wishes if old enough, the child’s primary caretaker, the child’s emotional bond with each parent and siblings, physical stability, the mental and physical health of the parents and their capacity to love the child. No one factor is conclusive and there are other factors the court considers. These are just a few examples.

Minnesota parents in a child custody dispute should be aware of the factors the court considers in determining the parent that will serve the child’s best interest. Child custody cases should be taken seriously with the proper legal representation because a child custody order is difficult to change outside of a substantial change in circumstances.

Matthews Bark | “Tips to Looking For Best Criminal Defense Attorneys”

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Criminal defense attorneys аrе specialists іn managing criminal cases οf various scopes. Thеѕе аrе lawyers whose vocation іѕ established οn supplying vital services tο thе individuals whο аrе accused аѕ criminal bу thе court οf law. Thе fundamental intention οf acquiring thе service οf a criminal defense attorney іѕ thаt, thіѕ lawyer wіll dispute thе positions wіth respect tο numerous laws аnd sections produced tο serve thе people іn opposition tο thе criminal cases. Criminal lawyers аrе classified under diverse classifications аnd sections.
Criminal Defense Attorney
Individuals, whеn thеу аrе arrested fοr ѕοmе criminal act such аѕ rape, murder, sex crimes, theft, kidnapping, domestic violence, hit аnd rυn аnd numerous οthеr criminal cases, thеу wіll bе progressed under thе court οf law. Wіth such case, thе criminal defense attorney wіll argue fοr thе criminal аnd supply thеm аѕѕіѕtаnсе. Criminal attorneys supply more vital services tο thе citizens around thе globe. Thеѕе lawyers аrе thουght tο bе more essential аnd іmрοrtаnt аnd аlѕο draw more demand аmοng thе populace.

Thеѕе days, top Delaware criminal defense attorney аrе necessary іn extra numbers, ѕіnсе crimes hаνе increased іn grеаt amount. Thе cost concern paid fοr еνеrу attorney wіll differ аѕ per thе fame, popularity аnd successfulness сrеаtеd fοr thе individual. Thеѕе lawyers offer thеіr hеlр tο thе public fοr a affordable price tο allow thеm tο nοt bе affronted bу thе court exclusive οf аnу illegal behavior. Thеrе аrе cases wеrе individuals mіght bе arrested fοr non-performing οf illegal act.

In thеѕе cases, thе criminal defense attorney wіll supply аѕѕіѕtаnсе tο thе people bу attending thе case fοr thеm іn court аnd mаkе thе case аnd facilitate thе people tο emerge frοm thе case. Thеѕе days, defense attorneys аrе nесеѕѕаrу fοr each аnd еνеrу crime done bу people. A criminal lawyer іѕ different thаn οthеr professionals. Thеѕе lawyers specialize іn inspecting , analyzing, аnd examining thе criminal cases thеу undertake. Thеѕе lawyers саn argue fοr еіthеr thе defendant οr fοr thе plaintiff.

Matthews Bark | “Picking the Right Divorce Attorney for YOU!”

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I often tell my clients that picking a divorce attorney is unlike choosing any other legal professional, because you are picking someone to live through a very difficult time with you. The first thing we always discuss is the fact that just like you should be 99.9% sure when you get married, you should be 99.9% sure when you get divorced as it will just as substantially affect your life. It is my belief that the number one decision we make in our lives that determines our happiness or misery is whom we marry. Many of my clients agree and have concluded that for any multitude of reasons they just can’t remain married to their current spouse.
Family Law Attorney
However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t sad, because no one marries thinking they will some day divorce. This also doesn’t mean they aren’t mad or hurt by whatever has brought them to my office. Most often, my clients are afraid. Afraid of how they will support themselves and their children. Afraid of when and how they will see their children. Afraid of how this will affect their children’s physical and emotional security. Afraid of what the legal process will do to them and their families. Sadly, some are even physically afraid that their spouse will injure them or their children.

I find it upsetting to see how often clients come to me as their second, third or even fourth attorney. Changing attorneys during the process is time consuming and expensive. I have compiled a checklist to assist you in picking your right match in a divorce attorney. However, as my mother always told me, never forget to listen to your “inner voice.” Do you feel comfortable in their office? Do they seem to have a good working relationship with their staff (one of mutual respect)? Do they really listen to what you say when you are speaking? Do they answer your questions candidly, even if it isn’t the answer you wanted?

Checklist for Picking Your Divorce Attorney

Finding A Divorce Lawyer

1. Where To Look For That Lawyer – It always concerns me when people tell me they found their attorney (including me) from a billboard, advertisement on the radio, phone book or through a blind internet search without any additional research. Unfortunately, lawyers cannot provide you with lists of previous clients to call due to confidentiality, but there are other ways to check a lawyer out.

If you happen to find a person that raves about their divorce attorney, that is an attorney worth checking out! Everyone knows someone who has been through a divorce.

Unfortunately, you usually hear most about the divorce attorneys that didn’t do their job for their client rather than the good ones. So if you have a trusted friend who has been through a divorce, ask them. Did you like your attorney? Were they responsive to your needs? Did you get an acceptable outcome?

Good professionals have networks of other professionals they know and deal with on a regular basis. Since I practice only family law, I know many skilled attorneys that practice in other areas of law and I am always happy to provide the names and numbers of other qualified attorneys for them to check out. I also have a network of mental health and financial professionals that I deal with on a regular basis both for referrals and as experts for my clients. Good lawyers network with other good lawyers and professionals.

Quality attorneys work hard for their clients and build networks of highly-competent legal and non-legal professionals. Calling a divorce lawyer and stating you were referred by one of their network will generally give you an immediate connection to that lawyer.

So ask the lawyer who formed your last corporation or did the closing on your house, “Do you know a good divorce attorney?” or “Have you heard of attorney x who I saw in an ad?” Or ask the counselor you’ve been seeing or the accountant that does your taxes. Most attorneys advertise, including myself, but choosing your attorney from an advertisement alone is not the best way to choose someone to legally assist you during a difficult time in your life.

2. Additional Checks – With or without a referral, before you set an appointment, go to the Florida Bar Website and make sure the lawyer you are considering is in good standing and has a clear record with the Bar. Also verify the lawyer is part of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. If the lawyer is not willing to pay the small fee to be part of the Family Law Section they may not be serious about family law. The law is changing so quickly in the area of family law that lawyers who are immersed in one or two areas of law will be better qualified to keep pace with those changes.

3. Make a List of What You are Looking For In a Divorce Lawyer – Divorce lawyers are people too. Make a list of the characteristics you would like in a divorce attorney and write them down: good listener, patient, calm, soft spoken, in control, etc. Then make a list of characteristics you do NOT want in a divorce attorney and write them down: arrogant, impatient, controlling, doesn’t listen. Each individual looks for something different. Do you want an attorney who has children? Do you feel protected by a man? Can you speak more openly to a woman? Do you want an attorney who has personally been through something you are experiencing? Write it down.

4. Go to the Lawyer’s Website – Don’t just go to the website; carefully read it. The website should be a reflection of the attorney. Make sure the philosophy and goals of the attorney are consistent with your own. Compare it to the lists you made about the things you are looking for in an attorney. Check to see how many areas of law the lawyer practices other than family law. Read the bio of the attorney and see what organizations they belong to. The website should create a picture in your mind of the type of person the attorney is and what matters to them.

question-mark-155×1165. Make your list of Questions – Write down every question you can think of, every question, even if you think it is silly. I have heard every imaginable question from potential clients. If it is important enough for you to think about asking I want you to ask it! Not only does it help you, but your questions tell me what is important to you and what you are concerned about.
Setting the Appointment and Initial Consultation

6. Setting the Appointment – First impressions matter and set the tone for what the rest of your experience will be like in many circumstances. Call the attorney during office hours. Does a person answer the phone? Be aware that usually you will not speak with an attorney prior to the initial consultation unless you request it. If you want to talk to the attorney prior to the consultation, ask to set a time to speak with them prior to setting the consultation (which should be limited to ten or fifteen minutes). Remember only attorneys can answer legal questions.

7. Initial Consultation – What you come away with from the initial consultation will be based on your goals and how well prepared you are. To get the most out of the consultation, be prepared with questions and information the attorney will need.

What you should take to the initial consultation:

  •     Any completed paperwork sent to you prior to the consultation
  •     Your current driver’s license
  •     Any pertinent correspondence that you have had with your spouse or their attorney
  •     Any legal documents that you have been served with or from previous issues that relate to the divorce
  •     Copies of any pre or post marriage contracts
  •     Social security numbers for you, your spouse and all minor children
  •     A list of all current assets and liabilities owned by you or your spouse

You should leave the initial consultation with the following information:

  •     A full explanation of the law as it relates to the issues in your divorce situation (you don’t need to hear about child support if you have no children)
  •     A list of options available to you in reference to resolution of those issues
  •     The potential risk and reward associated with each option
  •     The initial cost of the retainer associated with those options
  •     Answers to all of your questions.

There is usually a fee for the initial consultation if legal information is being provided. Unless there is an urgent reason that action needs to be taken immediately such as a response to a legal deadline, a parent threatening removal of a minor child from the state or money going missing, I recommend that you not hire the attorney at that initial consultation. At least think about it over night.  Go to as many consultations as you think are necessary to find the right attorney for you. The cost associated with a consultation is much less than the cost to change attorneys halfway through a case. Good lawyers educate their clients on options and are committed to helping, not selling.

8. Post Consultation – Go home after the initial consultation and find a time to sit down and evaluate what the lawyer told you. Ask yourself some hard questions. Does this person seem trustworthy? Do they seem to know the law in this area? Are they confident? Do they listen to me when I am speaking? Are they responsive to what I tell them about how I want my life’s issues resolved? Do they seem to have a network of other professionals, both legal and non-legal, if they are needed? Do they know the judges and other family law professionals in the county where I will be filing my divorce?

Hiring the Divorce Attorney

handshake-210×1399. Legal Contract – Once you have found the right divorce lawyer, it is time to hire them. Most firms require that you set a time to go into their office and sign the legal contract and pay the initial retaining fee. Be concerned if the attorney does not have a written contract for legal services because this contract protects you as well as the attorney. The attorney or a member of their staff should review the contract with you and answer any questions you may have. Most lawyers will not start working on your matter until the contract has been signed and initial payment made.

10. Ongoing Relationship – Keep the lines of communication open with your lawyer. If something happens that you think could affect your case, don’t be afraid to call your lawyer because you will be charged for the time. I explain to my clients that I want to be consulted prior to their changing anything material to the case. The reason for this is that something done today could substantially affect what I am able to do for you down the road. If you are concerned about the cost of your attorney, ask for weekly updates as to where you stand with your retainer balance and billing statement. You should (at a minimum) get monthly statements unless you have a flat fee, phase or value billing arrangement in which case you know what your cost is upfront.

Finally, the closing meeting with my client is the meeting where they evaluate my team. It is important to me that my clients have gotten an acceptable result based upon their goals allowing them to move forward with happy and productive lives.
The Goal

Matthews Bark | ” 3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Criminal Defense Lawyer”

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When you are charged with a criminal offense, your criminal defense lawyer is the only person who can keep you out of jail. If you are innocent, she can have your case dismissed or get you an acquittal. If you do have to take your case to trial, then a good criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a reduced sentence for you. But she cannot do it without your help.  You must do everything possible to help her win the case.
Criminal Defense Attorney
There are several ways you can help your lawyer with your case. Here are a few things you can do to help your lawyer:

1.    Don’t talk to the police without your lawyer: When you are arrested, the first thing the police want to do is get a confession from you. So, do not talk or admit guilt without your lawyer. It is within your rights to request counsel from your lawyer.
2.    Do not talk to anyone apart from your lawyer: During the lawsuit and even after incarceration, do not talk to anyone who is not your lawyer regarding the case or about anything that is related to it. The term ‘no one’ includes your wife, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. Whatever you say to them, even accidentally, may be repeated in the court of law against you. The only person you should talk to is your lawyer because whatever you tell her is confidential.
3.   Tell your lawyer the whole truth: Telling the complete truth about your situation is essential so your criminal defense lawyer can defend you in the best way possible. Anything you tell your lawyer will not be used against you in the court without your permission. And she will repeat it only in your defense. But this is not the only reason you should tell your lawyer the whole truth. She needs to know every detail so that she can build a good and credible defense. If she is kept in the dark, she won’t have the confidence to fight your case.
Too often, clients fail to help their lawyer for one reason or another and then blame the lawyer when they are convicted. Remember, your lawyer is your representative and she is fighting for a successful outcome. Therefore, you should help her in whatever way you can. Donna V. Pledge is one of the best criminal lawyers in Toronto. Trust us to work hard and offer the best possible defense in Ontario.